Our Values

As a mission based company, committed to supporting the emotional wellbeing of all children in an effort to raise the next generation of caring, confident, and resilient children, Slumberkins leans heavily on our internal values. The below outlines how we approach our company values from an actionable perspective, pulling from our experiences in the classroom as well as therapeutic concepts.



Growth Mindset

Our team champions a Growth Mindset where pressing into discomfort, learning efficiently, considering new strategies, and reflecting on our journey is an integral part of our everyday process. As we support families and individuals on their journey toward emotional wellbeing, we seek to cultivate an energy, intensity and culture of rapid innovation, where we challenge the boundaries of current media, toy and retail standards.



Change Starts From Within

Our mission is to support the life long process towards emotional wellness. We hope to encourage consistent self-reflection, and self-work. Embracing change necessary for growth will enable us to fulfill our mission to create the change we want to see in the world


In the Slumberkins community, everyone is welcome. We value each interaction and intend to model and nurture healthy relationships. We hold space for all feelings and emotions and recognize the healing that comes from connection, empathy, and love. We believe the moments of repair in courageous conversations are the most important and valuable aspects of emotional growth and healthy communication. 


We recognize that oppressive structures exist in the world resulting in a dynamic where some benefit and others suffer. We seek to dismantle and challenge these systems both inside and outside our business. We stand firm in recognizing power differentials in relationships and are committed to engaging in the work on individual, team, and company levels to bring the repair and healing we want to see in the world.

The Slumberkins Approach

At Slumberkins, we utilize a multifaceted approach to support children and families build emotional wellness. We know that social emotional learning is foundational for children’s success in all life domains. At the core, we believe children’s emotional wellness comes primarily from having a secure attachment (or deep, consistent, and loving connection) with caregivers and community. A family’s ability to provide a balance of connection, as well as provide strong and healthy leadership, instills feelings of safety and security, and thus they are able to go out into the world and grow and learn. This attachment and family systems lens continues to be a foundation for the tools and resources we offer.
We also understand that when children have deeply loving families, the world can still continue to offer us many challenges and obstacles throughout our lives. We recognize that oppressive structures exist in the world resulting in a dynamic where some benefit and others suffer. Slumberkins works to identify and challenge any structures that get in the way of a person’s ability to access emotional wellness.
Our content and products are informed by beliefs that stem from a person-centered and strengths-based approach. Our perspective is that children and caregivers often have what they need already inside of them. We believe that when people are able to access this deep wisdom, they naturally move towards healing and growth. Theorists and well-known psychotherapists such as Carl Rogers(Person-centered Therapy), Garry Landreth (Child-centered Play Therapy), and Richard Scwartz (Internal Family Systems Theory) have all influenced this belief that humans naturally move towards growth and healing when they can. We continue to be inspired by the work of Daniel Siegel, Ph, D. (Interpersonal Neurobiology) as well as Francine Shapiro, Ph.D. (EMDR), and the emerging research from Polyvagal Theory, all which take a look at how our brain works to process emotional content and information and how this processing of emotions impacts our functioning and relationships over time.